Interview with Jaide Alicia of Center Stage Magazine

Click Here for Full Article "Meet Joe Robinson, vocalist and one of the founding members of Los Angeles based rock band Pacific Radio. As you will read in the interview below, Pacific Radio has an interesting history of its formation, gaining its members and how they have gotten to where they are now. Going from playing an outdoor barbecue to landing a spot on one of the most noteworthy west coast festivals, BottleRock." #interview

Interview with Music Box Pete

Click Here for Full Article "...a band who didn't take themselves too seriously, and were a group that were on a mission to bring their unfiltered blend of music and their infectious personalities in tow to a willing and receptive audience waiting in the wings." #interview

Interview for Legendary Kid Press by Clare Fitzgerald

Click Here for Full Article "Pacific Radio are an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. Having just released their debut EP Kitchen Table at the beginning of the year, the band are setting their sights on 2017, and are planning on making sure everyone knows their name by the end of the year." #interview