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CD:  Pretty, But Killing Me

Pretty, but Killing Me

1. Smile
2. Whiskey Girl
3. Katie
4. Kitchen Table
5. Weekend
6. Camaro
7. Last Night’s Makeup
8. Tight Jeans
9. Dancin’
10.L.A. is Pretty (but it’s killing me)

11.Show Me
12.Time to Heal 


Format: CD


Joe Robinson:  guitar, vocals 

Kyle Biane:  guitar

Joe Stiteler:  bass

Hyke Shirinian:  drums, percussion


Written by:  Joe Robinson

Produced by:  Eric Weaver and Pacific Radio

Recorded and Mixed by:  Eric Weaver 

Mastered by:  Eric Boulanger at Bakery Mastering


Additional Musicians

Luis Cardoso:  violin and viola on “Kitchen Table”

Simon Huber:  cello on “L.A. is Pretty (but it's killing me)”

John Morrical:  organ on “Tight Jeans” 

Kyler Hurley:  organ on “Smile”, synth on “Camaro”

Kat Meoz:  background vocals on “Last Night’s Makeup”

Emma Cole:  background vocals on “Last Night’s Makeup”


Recorded at:

Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA

12th Street Sound in Austin, TX

Cypress Overdrive Studios in Encino, CA

and mostly at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, CA


Cover Art by:  Joe Robinson

Photography:  Eric Weaver

Layout by:  Tim Gato


Special thanks:  Kevin Szymanski, Stacey Barnett, Pablo Hurtado


CD: Pretty, But Killing Me

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